About Us

Who We Are

Memoir Photos specialises in the reproduction and sale of Black & White Australian Historical Photography, at present, predominantly of South Australia.

This South Australian business was founded in 1996 by a young enthusiastic couple Neil & Julienne, who by their passion in old photography grew their personal collection over a number of years. Wanting to share the joy of having such beautiful images they began the business of selling the reproduced images at local markets then moving on to larger venues such as the Adelaide Royal Show… hence the birth of Memoir Photos.

In 2004 Neil & Rhonda purchased Memoir Photos and together maintained the core value of the business. They believed in providing their customers with a genuine photograph.  Neil & Rhonda understood the importance of excellence in a quality product, presentation and service.

We, Anne and Andy, are carrying on the excellent work of our predecessors.  With a love of historical photographs of days gone by, as well as an interest in photography in general, we are privileged to be able to carry on with Memoir Photos.

We are truly proud of these beautiful black & white historical photographs….

                         Yesterday's images .... tomorrow's treasured memories

We believe Memoir Photos has the best and the largest collection of non- archival black & white Australian historical photographs - there are approximately 600 photographs in the collection.

What We Do

Our Product

Memoir Photos’ photographs are authentic photos developed from a negative; each photograph is then professionally mounted onto photographic standard foam-core backing, and finished with a high quality matboard boarder that is uniquely embossed with the Memoir Photos logo. The photo description is then hand penned on each matboard.

The photographs are then presented packaged in a polypropylene sleeve ready for sale as a photo only option.

Memoir Photos are available in five different mounted sizes:

  • Standard [405mm x 340mm]
  • Medium [500mm x 405mm]
  • Large [700mm x 500mm]
  • Extra Large [912mm x 658mm]
  • Panoramic Medium [545mm x 340mm]
  • Panoramic Large [750mm x 340mm]

although not all photographs are available in every size. The size availability is dependent upon the shape and the quality of the original image.  If you require a custom size photograph, please contact us to discuss the possibility of providing your desired photograph.


matboard choices.jpg

The matboard is available in five colours: Black – White – Dark Blue – Heritage Green – Maroon.



Memoir Photos offers quality timber frames. The frame mouldings are manufactured in South Australia and are produced exclusively for Memoir Photos with each being custom made to fit the different size photographs: Standard – Medium – Panoramic Medium – Large – Panoramic Large. The frames are available in five finishes, Walnut [M1-WAL] > Baltic [M1-BAL] > Mahogany [M1-MAH] Profile width 55mm. 

Memoir Photos is now offering a selection of contemporary frames in plain black, black with gold trim, black with silver trim and white with silver trim.


How We Grow

Memoir Photos...  we believe offers the largest and best collection of non archival black & white Australian historical photographs available for sale, with approximately 600 photographs currently in our collection…....we continue to grow as more photographs are continually being added to the collection.
If you have any old photographs you think may be of interest to us to please contact us we are always interested.